The 2009 FVSU/CAU Xperience

The 2009 FVSU/CAU Xperience

Whew, what a day. If Saturday is any indication of how successful the 2009 BCFx Road Tour will be, let me say we are well on our way to a wonderful Xperience. First and foremost I want to thank all the fans, alumni, staff, and students from FVSU and CAU for all the support you gave us this weekend.

I was twittering (@MrBCFx) throughout the day of how the day went, but for those not on twitter, or not following me, here is how the day went;

We arrived at Fort Valley at 4am EST. We got to the new FVSU stadium early in the afternoon. On the way to the stadium we were met by the Valley Girls. More on them, later.

Shortly after we met our contact, we were asked to participate in a Parade. Thinking that we can have the BCFx bus looking all dingy for the loving folks, we decided that the bus needed cleaning and took the BCFx Bus to the Valley Girls to get it washed.

The Valley Girls are an organization on campus that does community service to raises money for the Athletic department. With that being said, what kind of people would we if we didn’t support the cause. So after the bus was clean, we made a donation to their scholarship fund on behalf of Nerjyzed Entertainment (Yeah Us!!!).

So after the the bus got its “Bath” we’re back on the road again…for all of a few minutes before we stopped on the side of the road due to J-Right’s keen eye for a Fish and Chitterlings sign.

So we get out to order and are told by the woman who owns the stand (where the fish was fried per order by the way) to ask the next stand over about the Scuppernongs. “Tha Waaa”? Not being from this area ,of course I had no idea what that was, so I must go see for myself about this odd fruit that earned such an odd name. We ended up buying a bag and after tasting soon realized that 2 or 3 would have sufficed. So now with a full stomach and a clean bus, it’s time to get in the parade.

Before the parade started we took pictures with the Cheer Squad and the Dancing Girls (pics below). Parade goes as planned. The crowd actually seems excited to see us in the parade which is a plus.

After the parade, we headed back to the school to set up at the Carnival. As soon as we arrive, a camera crew met us just as we opened the doors. J-right senses his cue and begins to worked his magic and got everyone in the area hype about the game even before we were set up.

FYI, incase you’ve yet to make one of our stops, the bus setup is as followed:

  • We set up the inside of the bus with FVSU vs. CAU in both the drumline challenge and the football game.
  • On the outside we had 2 tents, 2 TVs and our stereo system set up on the TV with the drumline challenge.

From then on it’s non stop on the bus and on the outside of our footprint.

We packed up the bus close to halftime. We entered the stadium, threw some t-shirts in the crowd, and gave away a $100 bill to the lucky 300th person to text “BCFXGAME” to 41-411.

Overall it was a great day and everyone had fun. The next stop on the 2009 BCFx Road Tour is the Alabama State vs. Concordia game on 9/5 in Motgomery, AL and then the next day, 9/6 in Birmingham, AL, for the 3rd Annual Labor Day Golden Classic (Miles vs. TU @ Legion Field). We look forward to seeing everyone in Alabama.

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