BCFx makes a trip to AAMU with BET Black College Road Tour

BCFx makes a trip to AAMU with BET Black College Road Tour

Alabama A&M college students were pleasantly surprised to find out that theirDrum Line Challenge - BET AAMU school is featured in the Sept 29th, release of BCFx the Doug Williams Edition.  As the pictures clearly show, the BCFx interactive booth continued to be a huge draw during the activation of BET’s Black College Tour where football enthusiasts challenged each other on the Xbox Version of Alabama vs. Miles while others battled head to head on the Drumline Challenge.

T-Shirts, Fliers, Posters and brand ambassadors reminded students and staff Drum Line Challenge - BET AAMUto get to the retail outlets early Monday night or Tuesday morning as to not be left standing without a fresh copy of BCFx.  GameStop managers have already informed us that this historical game will be “hard to keep on the shelves” and sense that many of their stores will be out of stock within the 1st week.  So pre-order it at a GameStop location near you or log into www.bcfxgame.com to secure your order now!

Drum Line Challenge - BET AAMUCamera Crews captured B-Roll of the Drumline Challenge for inclusion on BET’s on-air Black College Tour’s on-air update.

Stay tuned for more updates from AAMU’s homecoming today.

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